Why candidates are rejected: 5 main reasons

25 febrero 2022

During the work of a recruiter, a situation often occurs when candidates refuse vacancies. It would seem that a perfectly suitable employee, after passing the interview and voicing the offer, refuses or does not give feedback at all. Why can this happen and how to deal with it? Let's take a look at the main reasons in this article.

Candidates wait a long time for a response from the company

This situation may be due to the fault of the recruiter. The manager did not specify exactly when the candidate should expect an offer from the organization. Another case - HR reported the time frame for a response, but did not fit into the specified time frame. As a result, the candidate remains in the dark and continues to look for other options. It is highly likely that competitors will attract him earlier.

Advice. The manager needs to consider the time frame and schedule of both his company and the candidate. The recommended optimal time for providing a response is a few weeks from the moment of responding to a resume To speed up the process, you can use automated systems.

The salary was not negotiated or it was less than the applicant expected

The salary level for modern society is one of the important factors when choosing a company. Going to the interview, the candidate knows what kind of remuneration he wants to receive for his work. Typically, the organization is willing to offer a lower level. As a result, the applicant will refuse your offer.

Advice. It is recommended to negotiate the minimum wage at the stage of responding to the resume or at the beginning of the interview. In this case, both you and the applicant will initially understand what to expect and decide whether these conditions satisfy both.

The stages of approving a proposal in a company are complex and involve more than one employee

In some companies, signing and submitting an offer takes a long time or requires the participation of many people. For example, an offer must be printed, signed by one or two managers, then scanned and sent to the applicant.

Advice. To speed up the process of signing an offer in this case, use an electronic signature. So the recruiter will save time and be able to automate processes in the future. Creation of template offers, in which you will need to make small changes, will also have a positive result.

Unpopular company

A large number of job seekers prefer to work for large and well-known corporations. If a company does not appear on the Internet, there are no reviews or discussions about it on the forums, the probability of getting a positive decision is reduced to zero.

Advice. Activate the virtual life of your company. Create pages on social networks, ask colleagues to leave a few comments on the forums. Make the data about your organization as accessible as possible on the Internet.

Poor service. What could it be?

The candidate asks to pause and give him a certain time, and the manager persistently continues to seek his answer.
The recruiter is not able to tell about the company, its missions and the tasks of the candidate in a high-quality and detailed way.
The manager tells the candidate that he is the second in line to be considered and he will be accepted if another applicant refuses.
Narratives about the company's mission and values diverge. The manager first talks about one thing and then about the opposite.
Advice. In this situation, it is necessary to radically revise the company's processes. It is important to write them down and structure them. In a conversation with an applicant, do not deviate from the outlined points, do not fantasize about the company's mission, but provide real data.

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