How to speed up hiring with video interviews

25 febrero 2022

Every recruiter is familiar with such a situation when a candidate sends just an excellent resume, has a lot of work experience and all the necessary knowledge. And when he comes for a live interview, then in the very first minutes it becomes clear that the person simply does not fit the company. But the interview still has to be done.

In the modern realities of life, most companies simply cannot conduct live interviews in the company's office. New technologies came to the rescue, thanks to which you can search for good employees using video interviews. Thanks to this, you can not only search for employees remotely, but also make a first impression of a person using video communication. This approach saves time and money. You can find professional and qualified personnel in a short period of time.

What is video interview

This approach works like an online interview. That is, the participants in the dialogue do not meet in person, but communicate using technical means and the Internet remotely. This allows you to conduct interviews even if one of the participants is far away or even in another city.

The job seeker receives an interview invitation letter directly from the HR specialist. An employee of the company has free time to prepare a list of questions of interest. With this approach, you can spend less time on interviews and only hire the professional staff who are best suited for your company.

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How you can accelerate the search for new employees thanks to modern technology

Experts emphasize that with the right work, a human resources employee can save more than 30 hours a month thanks to video interviews. This increases the level of professionalism of new employees. Because the recruiter has the opportunity to communicate with a large number of job seekers. But in order to speed up the search for new employees using video interviews, you need to take into account a number of simple tips and rules:

It is important to correctly explain why the company uses such technologies. The applicant must understand that this is not a barrier between the parties to the conversation, but rather the opposite. It is a simple and modern way of communication.
All questions and possible answers must be prepared in advance. This will save you time and improvise less.
Modern technologies make it possible not only to conduct an interview using the Internet, but also to record it on video. After the interview, all points of interest can be reviewed and studied further. This feature will be useful if there are several applicants and you need to select only one or several of them.
If you need a person with knowledge of foreign languages, then all this can be quickly and easily checked in the videoconference mode. It is enough to ask a few simple questions in the language of interest and you can immediately understand whether the applicant knows it or not.
Don't be shy about asking tricky and provocative questions. In today's world, a good employee must be able to quickly navigate even the most difficult situations.
Don't repeat questions from your resume. If certain questions have already been answered, then it is better to focus on something else, ask new questions.
All questions must be asked clearly and directly. The answers should also be clear and specific, not vague, not figurative.
These are just a few of their tips to help a recruiter find a good and worthy employee. It is important to understand that the video interview mode provides almost limitless possibilities. You can devote any amount of time to the applicant, ask all your questions and find out all the necessary information.

When is it useful

Using video conferencing and video interviews can be challenging and rewarding. This is a convenient mechanism when searching for employees in the following cases:

When recruiting interns. In this case, it is absolutely not necessary to spend time and effort on personal meetings. You can also assess your ingenuity, skills, level of knowledge remotely.
With a massive recruitment of personnel. If it is necessary to recruit a large number of employees in a short period of time, it is simply difficult to evaluate many applicants at once. And when using video communication, it is easier.
If you need to quickly find a worthy employee. This will save time.
When looking for regional employees. In this case, there is simply no need to travel to another city.
Finding worthy employees with video interviews can be done pretty quickly. To do this, you just need to know the basic recommendations and rules for searching. With a competent approach, you can quickly select a sufficient number of qualified and most importantly suitable employees for the company.

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