How to attract and motivate temporary hourly employees

25 febrero 2022

An independent American study found that about 58% of all employees are now working hourly. One third of them are temporary specialists whom the firm engages to implement a specific project or specific task. Usually, temporary workers are less motivated to solve day-to-day tasks than Professionals with a fixed salary. Such an attitude can affect the level of profit of the enterprise, deteriorate production indicators and other statistics that play a decisive role for a particular company. It is important to properly tune any specialists to the current work activity.

The nuances of employee motivation: an individual approach

Anyone (even a temporary employee) is interested in doing their job as efficiently as possible. If the Company hires an employee for a temporary position or entrusts him with the management of one project, then such a specialist must provide a personal approach that will allow him to reveal his needs and draw up a work schedule in the most convenient way. If a permanent employee performs his work according to a single schedule, then with an hourly wage, various overtime or late submission of current tasks are possible. Irregular work is noticeably exhausted.

Regardless of the type and complexity of the activity, the temporary employee must understand where the scope of his responsibility lies. To do this, it is advisable to dissuade the number of working hours per day / week / month, the amount of the exact payment (by hour) and the list of tasks, reports, finished works that he must provide during this period. Special attention is paid to weekends or vacations (if the project lasts more than 3-6 months). In the case of overtime according to an irregular schedule, it is possible to indicate the amount of a surcharge. All conditions are fixed in the employment contract to avoid possible disputable and doubtful situations in the future.

Transparent payment terms and no delays

Periodic pay delays for temporary employees - bela small and medium-sized companies. This is due to the fact that initially, accountants calculate fixed salaries for the main staff of employees. A temporary worker can receive money both for individual projects and once a month, but in any case, it is better to avoid temporary delays. They reduce the level of the employee's performance and do not allow the working potential to be fully revealed. If the term and amount of payment was not previously agreed upon, then it is better to do this PC earlier in order to reduce controversial moments and direct forces to effective work, and not clarify the relationship about another delay.

Constant communication

Many temporary workers perform a range of their duties remotely, so they do not always stay up to date with the latest news and updates of a particular company. This can be done in a fairly flexible way by involving the employee in public meetings and events. Here it is worthwhile to carefully approach the attraction of an employee, since not everyone wants to spend time on additional tasks. You can appoint a curator who will help the new employee understand the specifics of the organization's activities.

Tools for involving temporary employees in the activities of a specific enterprise / company:

zoom meetings, periodic various discussions in general chats and channels;
the possibility of active integration of the employee's activities within the framework of one project;
joint alienation of ideas and projects in a convenient format;
communication not only with the management team, but also with representatives of related departments (any employee must understand the full picture of the company's activities, and not just the trusted part);
motivation in the form of payment for additional time spent (commitments, negotiations, meetings, other communication necessary for the implementation of a specific goal).
Technical support of specialists

Achieving high results is impossible without the appropriate resources. This aspect applies to all categories of workers - from full-time to project specialists with hourly pay. The availability of reliable equipment, high-quality tools and other accompanying base will solve the problem of the impossibility of implementing certain tasks, and will set a high bar for further active interaction between departments and remote workers.

Regular training

Practically more than one employee does not want to spend money on a specialist who came to the team for temporary work, but often such projects provide for high profits and solve those tasks of the enterprise that ordinary full-time employees cannot implement. If the manager is considering a long-term option of cooperation in the future, then he should take care of the "pumping" of the specialist. For this, training, distance learning or refresher courses (depending on the current field of activity) can be selected. It is important to show respect and interest in needs of an employee, earn his trust. These personalized solutions will allow you to establish the necessary communication and reduce the risk of the temporary employee being useless or ineffective.

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