Staff recruitment strategies

25 febrero 2022

"Every company is as good as the people who work for it." Recruiting qualified employees and retaining them for the long term are key factors for the success of any organization.

Human resources represent the intangible value of a company. In particular, specific knowledge and skills are assessed, as well as the level of education of the staff. This, in turn, can be seen as a strategically important key element for the company in strengthening its market position.

Finding the right candidate is not easy for companies these days. Jobseekers are becoming more choosy and choose those job offers that they see more benefits for themselves. The HR manager needs to work very hard to make the position attractive to the best job seekers.

Really working strategies for attracting personnel

Do you want to find new talented employees? To do this effectively, you must lay the right foundation for targeted search, because even the best methods are useless if you don't know who you are looking for.

Employer Brand

Employer branding refers to the measures of corporate strategy that make the company appear in a more interesting light for new employees.

From the beginning, make it clear in your job posting that there is more than just a salary for the right job seeker. As a result, the number of qualified applications will increase significantly.

Marketing concepts for building an employer brand:

• Material motivation of employees.
Remuneration for labor based on performance, additional payments, transparency of payment. If employees feel they are underpaid, they quit as soon as possible in order to get a better paying job. Fair remuneration based on results is essential to loyalty to the company. And believe me: a word of gratitude or a small gift at the right time can work wonders.

• Good work-life balance (team atmosphere, permissibility of teleworking, workplace equipment).
Work-life balance means that personal and work life are in a balanced state. If the working conditions and atmosphere are right, employees are happy and content too. People who enjoy their jobs have been proven to work faster and better. As a result, the desire to work grows, and with it sales and productivity. A good working atmosphere is both functional space and modern furniture, office equipment, and adequate lighting and ventilation.

• Professional development and career growth.
The need for advanced training is constantly growing. Changes in the labor market are pushing the employer to regularly train employees: refresher courses, master classes, exchange of experience. Professional development is also important for the career of employees (their “market value” increases), which will ultimately benefit the productivity of the company.

• Flexible working hours.
Many companies have flexible working hours, according to which each employee can set their own personal work rhythm. Some get up early, others late. It is also important that people stay at work longer if, for example, an important project needs to be completed.

• Trust between the parties.
Employees who are actively involved in the decision-making process tend to perform better. As a result, self-esteem and personal responsibility of each increase and existential fears disappear (which should never be discounted).

• Health insurance.

Candidate analysis

Before posting a vacancy announcement, you need to determine what requirements you will present to the future applicant. The more requirements you provide, the fewer unsuitable candidates you will need to sort out. This will save time and increase the chances of finding the right candidate faster. In your job ad, reflect the following:

• Who exactly suits the company.
• Applicants with what professional qualifications are needed.
• What social skills the applicant should have (communication skills, responsiveness, tact, ability to competently respond to criticism).
• What personal qualities are still required to consider a candidate?

Ad design

Particular attention should be paid to the design of job advertisements. Countless analyzes and surveys show that the first five to ten seconds decide whether potential employees will continue to read the text further.

The focus is on the structure of the ad. At the very beginning, the interest of the applicant should be awakened and thereby encouraged to continue reading. Use markers. People prefer information that is clear and concise. The list of requirements should contain from three to five points. Thus, each formulation is better perceived and analyzed.

Using social media

Social media profiles have become standard tools for researching and assessing talents. In addition to reviewing candidates' resumes, check them carefully on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media profiles.

Social media profiles of candidates can highlight a person's personal experiences and interests, and can show that they are truly a perfect fit.

Finally, in addition to posting vacancies and interacting with candidates, post snippets of your organization's events to your site. Shoot short videos in your workplace and talk in general about the benefits of working for your firm!

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